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  • Boat trip along Bilbao river06.24.2024
  • Cata de vinos06.26.2024
  • Pintxos Evening06.28.2024
    20:00 h -
  • Tour: Casco Viejo to the funicular to Artxanda07.01.2024
    15:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Table football07.02.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao07.03.2024
    15:30 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos07.05.2024
    20:30 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Churros with chocolate07.10.2024
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Wine Tasting07.11.2024
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos07.12.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Tour: Casco Viejo to the funicular to Artxanda07.16.2024
    15:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Wine Tasting07.18.2024
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos07.19.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Churros with chocolate07.22.2024
    16:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Picnic07.24.2024
    14:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos07.26.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Walking route by cliffs07.29.2024
    15:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Table football07.30.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
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Afternoon Spanish course in Bilbao, 3 hours

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Course tutor Afternoon Spanish course
Course tutor
José López

Course price

From 30 €

No. of hours


Course starts

Every Monday

Course description

The afternoon Spanish courses are intended for people who normally live in Bilbao and wish to improve their level of Spanish in the afternoons . With our Spanish course , you can quickly and easily assimilate the Spanish language, regardless of your previous knowledge of grammar. Our experienced teachers will help you answer any questions that might arise. Each teacher is available to support you and relaunch your learning and progress in Spanish, with the goal of making the most of your stay at our Spanish school in Bilbao. Our Spanish course ensures quick, comprehensive progress.

We offer two different types of afternoon Spanish courses :

  1. Afternoon : 3 hours per week
  2. Intensive : in combination with morning Spanish courses, for a total of 23 hours.

The afternoon Spanish courses are intended for people who normally live in Bilbao and wish to improve their level of Spanish in the afternoons. They are also aimed at students in the morning intensive Spanish courses who want to complement their training with afternoon classes.

Included in your course:

  • Level test before you arrive
  • Attendance and achievement certificate at the end of the Spanish course in Bilbao
  • Instructional materials
  • Free cultural and leisure activities
  • Small groups with native teachers
  • Spanish school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes
  • Emergency telephone 24-Hour
  • WiFi Zone and informational welcome pack
  • Guidance and support during your stay

    Didactic materials

    All the instructional materials are provided free of charge by the Hemingway Institute. It includes a textbook appropriate for each level, with a grammatical appendix and the supplementary materials needed for the class. We normally use the Aula materials from the Difusión publishing company and Prisma materials from the publisher Edinumen, in combination with other specific and supplementary materials.

  • 4

    Didactic materials – lesson plans

  • Free attorney for visas

    We have an attorney who specializes in processing visas and residence or work permits to help you have a legal stay in Spain. Free service for our students to process residence permits for educational purposes.

  • 5

    Attorney for visas

  • Accredited school in the center of Bilbao

    Our Spanish school is fully accredited. Center accredited by the Cervantes Institute and member of the FEDELE and APD.
    We’ve taught Spanish since 1999. Located in the center of Bilbao, very near the Abando and Casco Viejo subway stations.

  • 6

    Accredited by Instituto Cervantes

Download area

More information related to our Afternoon Spanish course, 3 hours

Levels of Spanish

All the information on levels of Spanish according to the Common European Framework.

Spanish course

Detailed information on the Spanish courses at the Instituto Hemingway .

Calculate your price
30 € /week
  • No. of hours
    3 hours/week
  • Days
    Monday and Wednesday
    Tuesday and Thursday
  • Schedule
    5:00pm to 6:30pm
    6:30pm to 8:00pm
  • Students/class
    Average of 5
  • Activities
  • Diploma
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