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  • Tour por Casco Viejo04.22.2024
    16:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Visit to the Guggenheim museum04.23.2024
    16:30 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Cata de vinos04.24.2024
    19:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Paella04.25.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Bullfighting Museum04.30.2024
    16:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
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Apr 01, 2024

Leisure activities of March

Here at Instituto Hemingway, we offer our students wonderful leisure activities! Furthermore, these activities are included in the price of the Spanish course. During the month of March, we did a lot of things. For example, we had churros with chocolate in...

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Feb 15, 2024

Volunteering program - animal shelter

Instituto Hemingway offers a volunteering program for our students to sign up to, which includes a range of activities. To help local animals in the area, we regularly take a group of students to an animal shelter in a local town that cares for dogs...

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Feb 05, 2024

The Museum of Bellas Artes

On the 5th of January, we went to the Museo de Bellas Artes to immerse ourselves in the beautiful art. This museum is very unique and has a lot to offer, with many paintings and types of art, including life-sized sculptures and visual art. We...

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Feb 02, 2024

Language Trends in the UK in 2023

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and is spoken in 21 countries, from Spain to South America, to Africa. Knowing this language enables you to travel or live in so many countries. Therefore, teaching and learning Spanish is more important than...

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Jan 23, 2024

Visit to the Maritime Museum of Bilbao

On Tuesday 23rd of January, Instituto Hemingway went on an excursion to Itsasmuseoa, the Maritime Museum of the city. This museum has a lot of rich history to delve into. The group of our students learnt about the interesting past of Bilbao. We learnt...

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