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  • Picnic07.24.2024
    14:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Pintxos07.26.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Walking route by cliffs07.29.2024
    15:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
  • Table football07.30.2024
    20:00 h - Instituto Hemingway
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Jul 31, 2008

Guernica within the cultural routes for Spanish students

One of the most interesting visits that we organize for our students of Spanish in Bilbao is an excursion to Guernica or Gernika, of which the spelling changes if we write in Spanish or in Basque. Guernica is a city located a little less than...

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Jul 21, 2008

Courses in catering, writing and teaching Spanish

A year ago Instituto Hemingway launched the Virtual Classroom IHEL (Instituto Hemingway E-Learninsg) with the objective of making available a powerful tool which would make it easy for our students to do distance learning courses.In this way, the Virtual Classroom offers conversational forums for the...

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Jul 16, 2008

Hospitality Management Course

Instituto Hemingway has created a new course which is to be incorporated into the programmes which can be studied through the Virtual Classroom. This Basic Hotel Management Course is aimed at students interested in getting to know the characteristics of the catering industry in Spain.The...

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Jul 07, 2008

The Maritime Museum of Bilbao

Come to Bilbao and visit its numerous museums and stores!Do you like the sea and everything that is related to the city of Bilbao? Are you enthusiastic about boats? In this case, come quickly to visit the Maritime Museum, there is an exhibition...

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Jun 16, 2008

Cuisine and Gastronomy in Bilbao: Pintxos, Tapas and Wines

At Instituto Hemingway, we think that the best way to learn a language is to also learn about the culture that surrounds us. That is why we encourage our students of Spanish to get to know the cuisine of our region and take advantage...

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