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29 May 2017

Intensive Spanish courses in Bilbao this summer 2017

How to improve your Spanish once and for all? Sign up for our intensive Spanish courses, starting every Monday all year round, and enjoy these benefits: 1) Save money with effective learning in small groups and with cultural and leisure activities included in the price. 2) Get to

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27 May 2017

Food and wine tour in Bilbao

Firstly, your local guide will take you to an interactive cooking lesson (pintxos cooking class) expert chef instruction, aperitif, 100% hands-on class followed by carefully wine pairings. Followed by a visit to a traditional deli where we will try the Crown jewel of our gastronomy, the

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25 May 2017

Why name our Spanish school after Ernest Hemingway?

Our students frequently ask why we have named our language school after American novelist Ernest Hemingway. In a school that offers Spanish language lessons, why use the name of someone who was not even from a Spanish speaking country? Born and raised in Illinois, Hemingway started

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24 May 2017

Cultural and leisure activities throughout June

Here we have our list of cultural and leisure activities for the month of June 2017. All of the activities are free for students of our Spanish courses and are a great opportunity to practice the language and get to know more about Bilbao. Thus we

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18 May 2017

Express Offer: Hotel work in Spain

An exclusive opportunity! Do you want to speak better Spanish? Would you like to spend time in Spain? Do you speak English and French? Do not look any further, this offer is made for you! We are offering one position as a waiter/waitress. We are looking for

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