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20 Feb 2017

FREE extra Spanish classes available for all of our students

A carnival gift: over the next few weeks we are offering free Spanish classes. All that you have to do is write your name and level on the list in the school. It is a one off opportunity for those that really want to learn. Below

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16 Feb 2017

Red wine tasting session with our Spanish courses: 27th February 2017

Next Monday, 27th February 2017, we invite you to participate in our wine tasting session organised to start at 19:00. An activity available for all students of our Spanish courses and anyone else interested in learning about wine. On this occasion we will sample 3 wines

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09 Feb 2017

Discover the origin of Kalimotxo

The origin of Kalimotxo(also known as Calimocho) comes from the Old Port of Algorta. Although the mix of red wine and Coca-Cola already existed in Spain from the 1920s, it was a minority drink as there were harldy any establishments that served the American refreshment.

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06 Feb 2017

Carnival season is back in Bilbao

Carnivals are already back on the scene. Look, discover, book our course and find out everything that takes place in the town of Bilbao. Carnivals kick off in Bilbao with the Trial of of Farolín and Zarambolas, two popular characters chosen from the most illustrious

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01 Feb 2017

Birthday Party for Instituto Hemingway

Another birthday has come around for Instituto Hemingway! Start the countdown for the celebrations of our next birthday party. This year we turn 18! The celebrations will take place on Friday 10th March at our usual bar, Bilbobeer. You are all invited: teachers, students, alumni, ELE

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