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The Spanish school and Spanish courses in Bilbao

Instituto Hemingway wants to give you a warm welcome to our Spanish language school and offer you a great educational opportunity. Spanish courses throughout the year, excellent opportunities to undertake internships in professional companies and paid jobs in hotels. Furthermore, we offer international volunteer programs and diverse possibilities with University semester programs.

Our Spanish courses are specially designed to guarantee you fast language learning. Our classes are based on a direct methodology taught by highly professional, native teachers, in small groups, with up-to-date material, a selection of accommodation guaranteed to meet your needs and finally, an interesting program of cultural and leisure activities. Our Spanish language school in Bilbao offers a great level of teaching as accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Access to Virtual Classroom - Available only in spanish language
The Spanish courses in the Spanish school of Bilbao

We offer a wide variety of Spanish language courses in Bilbao. Whether it is linguistic, academic, or professional, our program is always tailored to meet your needs.

Jobs in Spain: Hospitality management and culinary programs

The students taking part in this program will have the opportunity to spend some time in Spain, and can learn Spanish while doing the internships as well as entering the working world of restaurants and hotels.

Online Spanish Course: Spanish conversation course with Skype

Our Spanish school has just launched its new Online Spanish courses: Online Spanish conversation courses with Skype . At this point we are already offering levels A1, A2 and B1.

School trip to Bilbao

Are you a Spanish teacher in your home country? You choose the best dates for you and your students and we will provide you with a package of all incl in Bilbao (tuition, accommodation, leisure activities and airport transfer) from one week on  at unbeatable prices!!

Afternoon Spanish language courses in Bilbao: erasmus and residents in Bilbao

If you are coming to Bilbao as Erasmus student or if you live in Bilbao,
you can study Spanish with us in the evenings, 3 or 6 hours a week.

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Internships in professional companies, paid jobs and international volunteer programs allow you to really get to know the country you choose to stay in, to live with locals and to learn a new language. What's more, this is an excellent opportunity to push your professional career too.

Our complete list of services includes:

  • Spanish courses
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Paid jobs in hospitality management
  • Semesters at Universities
  • Semesters and School year in Spanish High Schools
  • Activities: Surf, Flamenco, Salsa, Spanish cookery
  • A wide range of offers

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As you can see, Instituto Hemingway offers programs that are designed for those who want to learn other about another culture whilst studying, traveling or working in Spain or other countries.

No matter what type of program you choose or the duration of your stay, where you want to work or the language you speak; our objective is to help our students to achieve total immersion within another culture. Each program is structured to help you learn everything about the language, customs and lifestyle of the destination country.

Our worldwide network of agents allows us to help you from a location close to your place of residence.

Undoubtedly, education is always the focus of our efforts but thanks to our programs, we are also proud to say that we have made hundreds of friends from all around the world along the way.

  "My experience was fantastic. My Spanish is much better thanks to Spanish language course I took at the Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao. I also took an internship in Barcelona (Spain) and it has worked wonders in my professional life. I can´t say enough about this program. They are great people and it is a great experience."
  Mike Hanley, USA

  "I volunteered at an organization that dealt with people with AIDS, whilst taking a Spanish language course in Bilbao. I can only say that my life has changed for the better. The people at Instituto Hemingway were easy to work with and this experience changed my view on the world."
  Chris Chaplin, UK

  "I put my daughter in the semester-long program in Spain. She came back speaking perfect Spanish. I was very pleased. Both the family she stayed with and the location where she lived were amazing. She will not stop talking about how much she wants to go back."
  Alfred Wallace, UK

  "My experience with Instituto Hemingway was really wonderful. They found me the job I wanted in Barcelona (Spain), in a flexible and professional manner."
  Phillip Wanders, USA



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